Reflection of My Attachment Styles

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At the beginning of the course the class was introduced the concept of attachment styles. Attachment styles are the types of behavior displayed in relationships shaped by a two-part set of basic assumptions, conclusion, or core beliefs about one’s self and others. In laymen’s terms it is how one person interacts with another either God, spouse, child, friend, or even self. There are four different types of attachment styles and they are: secure, ambivalent, disorganized, and secure. The relationship style that all should aspire to be a secure attachment style, however I would classify myself as having an ambivalent attachment style. This is the attachment style where I believe I am not worthy of love since I am flawed. It also takes the assumption that I will not be able to get the love I need without being angry or clingy. I am not exactly sure to why I have developed this ambivalent attachment style. I have grown up in an environment where I actually was given most of the attention in my family. I was the kid who got the best grades, played sports and participated in multiple club activities such as Student Government. I was never neglected and got plenty of love and affection from my parents. Until reaching the sixth grade I was very content with my self-image and how things were going in my life. However upon entering sixth grade I was bullied for multiple years. My hair was very coarse and woolly, I had acne, and was a “Tom Boy.” Because of that my self-esteem
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