Reflection of My Environmental Studies Trip to Hawaii Essay

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Over the years of my high school life I have had to cope and deal with various amounts of difficult obstacles that have, to some extent, held me back from reaching my goals. Over this last summer I struggled, but made it through the toughest thing I've ever experienced. I went on an environmental studies trip to the Hawaiian Islands that while was the most memorable, influential experience I've ever been able to accomplish, was still extremely challenging and completely different from my laid-back lifestyle. In order to go on this trip I was required to write 5 essays on different topics that are currently popular issues in Hawaii. This was quite a strenuous task for me because I've never had a strong gift in writing. But there was also a…show more content…
Jumping off of a rocky forty foot cliff is one of those risky accomplishments I can say I overcame during my months' venture. Towards the end of the trip I even went on a 17 mile kayak trip around the beautiful Napali Coast. Events like this gave me a newfound confidence in myself and my abilities to go into frightening and unfamiliar situations with an optimistic outlook on how I will get through them. Not only did this trip give me amazing insight on the unique characteristics of Hawaii, but it also taught me the skills needed to accommodate and thrive in a new environment. Time management was one of these necessities required for maintaining a balance between work and play. Before I went on this trip I was unaware of what it would be like to have to deal with the daily responsibilities that aren't usually present in a typical teenage life. Living with complete strangers and no longer having a parent's support can be a tremendous change in a person's life. Having a sneak peek into that was exceptionally helpful in making me aware of the future to come. These discoveries will be useful upon my move to college where I will be living independently for the first time. I was able to experience an unbelievable trip to somewhere incredible and completely different from the rest of the world. Most people do not get a chance to partake in something like this in their lifetime, and I feel very lucky to have been involved in it, and extremely thankful for the change that it
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