Reflection of My Vogue Media Consumption

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Today society is mostly technology based and like any other young adult my media consumption is constant. During the four days that I recorded my media usage I realized that I am always exposed to technology and I became aware of how social networks shape my daily life. There is not a time that I don’t use my cellphone, social networks or listen to music. My personal media consumption depends on apps and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites. Since I am passionate about fashion and I am a subscriber at Vogue magazine. I read their monthly issues religiously and I follow the magazine through many social networks. By following Vogue in all of the social networks I get daily updates about the magazine. There is nothing that interests me more than Fashion therefor I read a lot many fashion magazines. But I am a religious reader of Vogue because unlike other fashion magazines because Vogue places fashion in the context of culture, how we dress, live and socialize, who leads and inspires us. Vogue integrates itself in fashion, always leading readers to what is next. It defines the culture of fashion and it’s industry. Vogue is a multi-billion dollar empire that controls the fashion industry, and it is distributed in more than twenty regions. It has revolutionized the fashion industry with its monthly issues about fashion and life style. Vogue started only as a print magazine, but as the years passed and the gradual transformation from and
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