Reflection of Prague State Opera’s Performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto

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Though the opera was sung in Italian and subtitles were only available in Czech, the language barrier did not hinder enjoyment of the performance in any way. Throughout the entire opera, the emotions were portrayed brilliantly and could be felt by the audience. The opera begins with a short prelude that continues as a main theme throughout the entire opera. In contrast to the rather solemn prelude, Act 1 begins with upbeat dance music. The Duke begins flirting with Countess Ceprano with the first song Questa o quella. The strophic form and simple tune portray the shallowness of the Duke. The song reflects the Duke’s idea that all women are the same and his lack of moral character. Count Monterone then enters the scene very distraught because his daughter was seduced by the Duke. He begins singing Voi congiuraste which has a lurching, jumpy quality about it. He then curses both the Duke and Rigoletto. As Rigoletto walks home, he is approached by Sparafucile, an assassin, who offers his services. Rigoletto then begins an aria reflecting on his current situation and his similarity to the assassin. The string and woodwinds help to convey the solemn mood and we begin the to see the depth beyond Rigoletto’s facade. When Rigoletto enters his home he is greeted by his daughter Gilda. Afraid that the courtiers will discover her, Rigoletto then tells his daughter not to go outside…
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