Reflection of my Values as a Leader

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There are leaders who will go outside their values in times of conflict and pressure. To avoid conflict or disputes many leaders will go outside their values.
Honesty, professionalism, tolerance, loyalty, and commitment are values that contribute to my development as an ethical leader and how I use these values in my everyday decision making process. Honesty is an important value to me because if you are not making decisions on the absolute truths it affects the outcome of those decisions. When you have a group of employees and one person is not pulling their weight but when you ask the others they don’t want to tell on that other person, so the other person gets more hours as a result. This bad decision was based on lack of honesty and not only affects what work will get completed but also creates resentment among their peers. I am going to implement a custom service survey and have just implemented monthly employee reviews. I am also honest with my team when things are not going as planned I let them know, this keeps them up to date on things as well as creates a closer team. Professionalism is a value that I hold high at the top of my list. I value professionalism because I believe that there is a sense of professionalism that is lost in today’s society. Professionalism is important as a leader but also as a follower. As a leader I…

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