Reflection of the Article PC James Kiddie Escapes Jail After Been Filmed Punching Woman Three Times in Head by Ewan Palmer

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The article PC James Kiddie Escapes jail after been filmed punching woman three times in head by Ewan Palmer takes place in London, United Kingdom. On November 26, 2013 Officer Kiddie was called by security guards from the Uniqlo clothing store in response to a suspected shoplifting woman by the name of Sarah Reed. The officer arrived at the scene alone without any back-up and was caught by closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the shop’s storeroom beating her various times. A second officer reviewed the footage and became concerned of the level of force used by Kiddie during the arrest therefore reported PC Kiddie’s actions to the force's Directorate of Professional Standards where the decision to dismiss PC Kiddie from the Metropolitan Police force was concluded. While investigating the officer’s misconduct behavior, PC Kiddie justified his brutal and abusive actions by saying that Sarah Reed bit him on the finger and claimed to have the AIDS virus. On March 2014, PC Kiddie a father of two, escaped prison time and was sentenced to 150-hour community service, a fee total of £560 and victim surcharge after being found guilty of assault.
In my opinion, the officer received a slap on the wrist. I have watched the video footage multiple times and did not see Sarah Reed, biting his finger that leads me to believe that his claim is false. If, in fact, it was true, as an officer who is supposed to serve and protect the citizens, PC Kiddie should not have reacted that violently. I
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