Reflection of the Aseptic Technique Essay

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During my community placement I was given many opportunities to dress wounds, replace catheters and attend to PEG’s, all of which are done using the ‘Aseptic Technique’. For procedures such as pressure sores, leg ulcers, simple grazes’ removing drains or sutures, the ‘clean technique’ is used which is a modified aseptic technique and aims to avoid introducing micro organisms to a susceptible site and also to prevent cross contamination to patients and staff, it differs from an aseptic technique, as the use of sterile equipment and the environment are not as crucial as would be required for asepsis (Gough 2009). The Aseptic technique is one of a number of procedures that contributes to preventing Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI)…show more content…
There are a number of problems for community nurses, such as maintain a sterile field, being a lone practioner, no dressing trolley and limited access to single-use sterile items. To some extent contamination of the sterile field arises from a break in the aseptic procedure to perform wound cleansing either because of the use of tap water or because irrigation systems such as pods or aerosol canisters are not sterile on the outside (although the fluid it contains is sterile). The other major constraint relates to having to place the sterile field on furniture within a patient’s home rather than on a clean trolley as it would be rather difficult for nurses to carry trolleys around in their cars. There are a couple of things which are done to reduce the risk of contamination of the sterile field. Firstly the sterile field is placed at a height which would prevent contamination of the field from skin scales and fibres while changing a dressing and the sterile field should be ideally be placed on a clean table, ensuring that the sterile packs are fit for purpose as Unsworth (2010) clearly states that it is common for manufacturers to incorporate items in to the packs which should be available to the nurse prior to opening the pack as packs contain aprons and gloves may appear to

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