Reflection of the Chaffey College Music Department Benefit Concert

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The visual and performance arts presents in concert Los Angeles Philharmonic String Quartet. The concert was lead by Vijay Gupta, LA Philharmonic first violins with Tao Ni on cello, and Michael Larco on violas. The theater was filled up with audience coming from all over the place waiting for the performance to start. The concert had become a trio because one of the performers could not make it to the concert. Brandon Bernstein, music theory instructor, introduced the trio, which has toured internationally and is one of the most renowned orchestra groups in the world. The lights dimmed and the trio came out, bowed, and began to play. This orchestra played all string instruments. They performed three songs that are “Hungarian String Trio”, “String Serenade”, and “Chaconne”. The first song was called the “Hungarian String Trio” composed by György Ligeti. I heard all three string instruments played in this song. This piece has two movements that are andante and allegro. The tempo of the first movement was at a moderate pace and the tempo of the second movement was fast. György Ligeti incorporated consonant harmonies into his work which means his songs have even major and minor triads. This song has a triple meter and I would say that this song was mostly polyphonic because there were three lines performed by three different performers. I think that the melody moved by…

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