Reflection of the Joy Luck Club

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Reflection of The Joy Luck Club This movie depicted different life experience of four pairs of Chinese mother and daughter. Though distinct grievous life stories they had, these four Chinese mothers were all born and bred under the background of feudal Chinese regime, cultivated by Chinese traditional feudalism, and fatefully, their lives were poisoned and destroyed by malignant tumor of Chinese backward culture and ideology, for example, women are subordinated to men. More unfortunately, the four daughters who were born and educated in America, assumed to avoid from the influence of Chinese feudal culture, still inherited deformed character, like without self-value and spirit; extended last generation’s tragedy—misery marriage. The…show more content…
How bitter the words were! If a child never get mother’s acclaim and encouragement, how sorrowful one’s heart feels! Here comes a contrasting comparison of western and Chinese parenting—western parents encourage and praise their child much more often than Chinese parents do. This encouragement helps them create new ideas, independent opinions, developing unique and sparkling characters. Whereas Chinese parents believe in the old saying, “a strict teacher produces outstanding students”, strictness and criticism are important educating guide lines for Chinese parents, which results in obedience and collectivism, compromise, no psyche and no guts to say no. But on the other hand, Chinese do behave better in harsh and high-pressured condition due to their strict training in childhood.

The third pair of roles are mother Yingying and daughter Lena. The conflict is not between the mother and daughter, but the daughter and her husband. Lena married to her boss Harold who paid himself seven and a half times more than he paid Lena, but sarcastically, they paid everything 50/50. If Harold ordered three courses, and Lena only ask for a salad, they still split it into half and half. Magazines, ice-creams and those stuff that Lena would not touch also need to share the money in half. That was what they called——equal. What was the marriage like? What was the marriage based on? The equality on the surface was definitely unequal in
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