Reflection of the Role and Responsibilities of the Teacher Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher are vital and must be learnt, as a general rule, to ensure quality of teaching. To embark on this journey it is essential to attain enough knowledge about the subject and gather the correct material for teaching. It is not only sufficient to hold good quality knowledge on the subject, but also have a presentable appearance.

The teacher is responsible for student behaviour and classroom management, as well as to understand the capability of the learners. Therefore it is essential for teachers to assess the students level of understanding. As all students learn in different ways, there is the Honey and Mumford theory 'learning styles' (Honey, P. & Mumford, A. 1992), to assist teachers. By
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Also possessing a great amount of creativity when teaching and trying new ways of explaining areas of the subject will bring great outcomes to the students’ level of learning. As Wilson (2008), states on similar terms that 'the roles are functions of a teacher, which are, planning and preparing for the class, developing interesting way to deliver the lesson, assessing the impact of learning and ensuring safe learning'. Therefore ensuring suitable accommodation facilities, which are available, in order to provide the desired learning setting. If the roles and responsibilities of a teacher are in good practice the teacher will be in a position where she/he can be approached with comfort and ease by the student, not only to discuss about the subject but anything they wish to discuss. Again this brings great benefit allowing the teacher to understand the learner and to provide the correct resources.

Moreover the safeguarding of children is taken very seriously and usually new teachers are supplied with key documents, which are required to be read and understood and complied with, for example if a teacher knows a child is being abused the teacher will have to know how to deal with the situation using the advice given and who to report it to.

One other important part of being a teacher is knowing how well he/she is teaching, this can be achieved by assessing the students, and from these
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