Essay Reflection of the "Thought Police vs. Outer Party" Game

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During the "Thought Police vs. Outer Party" game, I learned the importance of the value of independence and freedom. Previous to playing the game, I would consistently wear whatever I wanted, I would carry my books whatever way I wanted to, and I was allowed to live my own life. But the game gave me a new perspective, not only on Winston and his hardships, but on my peers. While engaged in the game, due to the secrecy developed within the tension of ignorance, I felt paranoid and oppressed. Because nobody knew what role everybody in the class played, there were underlying tensions that lead to distrust. Personally, I could not trust anybody, not even my closest friends in the class. I felt like I was always being watched. Being worried…show more content…
It wasn't like I was going to be "vaporized" or anything. Afterwards, I went in "Big Brother's" classroom and saw an unpunched yellow leaf, an electronic hole puncher, scissors, and a white piece of string. I had an insane adrenaline rush. I grabbed everything and went to Coach Johnson's room quickly so no one would see me. However, I had a feeling that "Big Brother" saw me on the way out the door. Two minutes later, I came back into the classroom feeling accomplished as if nothing had happened. The next day, I saw that my name was on the offenders list. Guess what crime I had committed? The "Yellow-Ribbon" crime! All of a sudden, I did not feel accomplished after all. At least I know who reported me. That same day, I also forgot to wear anything orange. I can only imagine how Winston would have felt if he forgot to wear his uniform. Luckily, before I went to "Big Brother's" classroom, I stopped by Mrs. Hood's room. I saw Michaela Bailey, a member of the Outer Party. I felt so fearful because for all I know, he could have been a thought police (luckily, he was not). I took an enormous risk and asked "Do you have anything orange I could wear?" He answered "Sure, you can wear this". He handed me an object that looked like a ripped sock that soccer players wear on their shins. I responded "Thank you so much!". It is amazing how paranoid I was being, because on any other day, I would have been like "Oh, no thanks. You keep it...".

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