Reflection on Diversity: Understanding the Concept of Inequality

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Introduction In seeking to reflect on diversity, I recall a particular situation that made me feel excluded. In so doing, I will describe the experience and what it was like, how it made me feel and think, and what I eventually learnt from it. Reflection A few years ago, I was having a conversation with two of my close friends and one of the issues we were discussing had to do with what it took to succeed in the highly competitive job market. I was surprised when one of my friends (let us call him Harry) claimed that unlike him, I did not have to work as hard or even secure employment so as to be financially stable. In his opinion, my family's wealth was enough to guarantee me a financially secure future. Harry was also of the opinion that if I eventually decided to venture into entrepreneurship, I already had easy access to capital from within the family. He was also convinced that even if I indeed wanted to venture into employment, my family would utilize its "connections" to secure me a job. This view is consistent with Fong's (2006) assertion that "not having access to the proper social networks may set the stage for producing, reproducing, and sustaining structured inequality." In addition to startling me, Harry's comments left me feeling like the "other." Looking back, although Harry's comments were largely annoying, this turned out to be a valuable learning opportunity for me. At the moment the comments were made, I felt as if Harry was unfairly excluding my
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