Reflection on Group Project Perfomance Essay

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1. Describe and explain the characteristics of effective groups. What are some of the characteristics of ineffective groups? There are a few key features common in a group regardless if it is an effective to ineffective group atmosphere, communication, leadership, decision making, and criticism. How these features are handled will in fact decide if a group is effective or ineffective. In an effective group the atmosphere is informal, engaging, relaxed, open, and comfortable. An ineffective group will be formal, disengaged, tense, guarded, intimidating, and stiff. Communication in an effective group is open and honest, everyone can speak. In an ineffective group communication is dominated by only a few people and is selective …show more content…

I can read people and can provide a boost of morale be it a joke, a pat on the back, a unique outlook on the issue at hand that can start a brainstorming session, or just even a smile and a nod to someone that is struggling.
4. What situations within groups do you have trouble with, and why? How do you feel when you are faced with them? How would you like to handle them? The main situations that I have issues with in groups are being negative and mean to someone, because others think their ideas are stupid or impractical, a leader that believes that they are the law and that what they say is the way it will be and that they will not be open to any other options. Also, another situation that I have trouble with is a group that is uptight and to focused on the task that everyone is so uncomfortable in the environment. When I am in these situations I start to question if it is worth putting up with this behavior and if I were to stand up to the situation if it would even make a difference. In the situation with someone being mean and negative to a person I would like to call the person out on their actions, ask them why do they feel it is necessary to act the way they are and how it is productive to the group? In the situation with the leader thinking they are a dictator I would like to simply ask them why they are not open to anyone else’s ideas and say that a team is more than one person. And finally with an uptight and uncomfortable group I would simply like to make

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