Reflection on How to Make the Most of Working in Collaboration with Others

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In Lawrence’ (2013, p.195) point of view: “In the management classroom, theories on reflection and experiential learning clearly influence the use of personal, reflective writing exercises. They are used to illustrate course concepts and help students take charge of their own educational experience (and, therefore, practice making meaning for them).” Therefore, through reflection, we can make connections and examine our learning processes. When I started to learn this module, I found it includes lectures and seminars to examine the theory and practice of relevant areas through group cooperation and individuals work. These learning outcomes let me achieve communication and collaborated skills with my group members and enrich my work…show more content…
(2014, p.184) point out. Mishra et al. also justify that an organization’s communication practices have an important influence on the degree to which employees (p.187). Therefore, taking all of our opinions into account might be achieving a better performance. Consequently, we failed to make full use of the revenue of WRSX to invest in emerging market and decreased the KPI’s. I consider that we have put too much weight to increase the share prices and made short-tern decision making. We should understand short-tern projects might increases the variable costs (Proctor, 2012, p.144) and loses many chances to market overseas. In addition, we are from two different cultures countries, according to Bilgin et al. (2004, p.17), the cultural characteristics probably influence on the process of strategy development. Thus, we might think business in a different way thereby we separate our points of view when we make a decision. However, we should have taken care of each other as a result of “ an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person or persons” (Russ, 2012, p.313). Similarly, the individuals crossing cultural boundaries need to understand the emotions one another (Gullekson and Tucker, 2012, p.165). Thus, the group meeting climate in terms of our emotion is associated with the goals we want to achieve (Schnusenberg et al., 2012, p.340). Therefore,
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