Reflection on Hunger Essay

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Food is one of the basic needs of a human being to survive. All of us depend on food for having a good health, therefore with the lack of food many people will be starving and malnourished. There are many reasons that may contribute to the cause of world hunger. Historically, the society will continue to change as long as there are people in the world. For what I know, the world had vastly changed from 60 years ago up to now. Whenever I’m with my grandmother, she always told me stories on how accessible and cheap it is to have food in the Philippines during her teenage life. They used to have a small pond where there are tilapia and various crops, vegetables and fruits in their backyard. This scenery was common in each household even…show more content…
Genetically modified foods are genetically engineered by modifying the DNA to make it tastier and have a better colour. This new technique has been introduce to the world and has started to be practiced because of globalization. In my opinion, people should stop improving and manifesting the GM food, and just focus on planting trees, fruits and vegetable to be able to harvest foods the normal way and find a ways on how to distribute foods in each human being. This will be a big help with the problem of world hunger.

World hunger will be one of the most serious problems that the humanity will be facing if we will continue to ignore it. Basically, when there is lack of production in food it will result to starvation and famine if it gets worst. There are many things that can contribute with the aggravation of world hunger. Firstly, climate change has a big impact with world hunger. Climate change may affect food systems in several ways ranging from direct effects on crop production (e.g. changes in rainfall leading to drought or flooding, or warmer or cooler temperatures leading to changes in the length of growing season), to changes in markets, food prices and supply chain infrastructure (Gregory, Ingram & Brklacich, 2005, p.2139). It can trigger a natural disaster like drought and flood, which can have an extreme effect with the problems in the sources of food. In one hand, drought is a common scenario in farm lands in which
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