Reflection on Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities I believe that of the millions of young children who are diagnosed with a learning disability, only a few receive the full scope of assistance that they need in order to grow and succeed. Despite the advances our society has made when it comes to special education and offering resources to special needs children, I still believe that society is falling short of operating at its greatest potential to aid those with learning disabilities. I also feel that our culture devalues the important role that family support plays in the lives of these children. It is not only the responsibility of teachers and health care workers to help these children to thrive and be successful. While it does take a mental toll on the…show more content…
With the proper tools and instruction children who are diagnosed with a disability can have a much less frustrating learning experience, as well as their families. As a future nurse, I see the value of patient education on a daily basis. I also see the effects that caregiver strain has on family members. I think that in families where there is a learning disabled child treatment of the family is just as, if not more
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