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Observation Analysis Molley Green MTE 506 September 29th, 2012 Shawn Wells Observation Analysis Observing a classroom has a certain metaphysical edge. Merely by your presence and watching, you cannot help but feel that you are somehow changing or influencing the class and the students that make it up. My observations took place in two settings, the first and my primary observation source, was at Children’s Garden Montessori School in El Cerrito, my daughter’s school, it is a private pre-school with children ages two to five. My second observation was the Fit Kids program at my local Berkeley YMCA, this program was created for…show more content…
In this stage students are learning how to be moral, intellectually curious, and independent. The third plane, from twelve to eighteen years is a psychologically unstable place where the adolescent is trying to form the person they will be as they enter into society. This period is creative, but students also express difficulty in concentration as they try to relate to peer groups and the outside world, to find self esteem and define who they are. The fourth plane is when a student enters the world and hopefully becomes a social aware and monetarily successful member of society. To Maria Montessori her final and real goal was a student population that graduated her program with a sense that they had a duty to society, to be strong moral leaders and increase peace. Teachers, she said, “must set a good example if there is to be a good humanity”(Montessori, 1949). Although the philosophy of Montessori education intersects greatly with progressivism, the schools were often placed at odds with one another. A contemporary, collaborator, and student of John Dewey, William Kilpatrick, orchestrated a series of lectures and writings that discounted Montessori’s teaching philosophy as egocentric and restrictive. He said that the learning materials created hindered the imagination of the teacher and the emphasis on the individual would lead to an entire generation of ill-behaved egomaniacs (Shortridge, 2007). His critiques in combination with American educators

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