Reflection on Reading

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February 11, 2011

Looking Back In Order to Move Forward
As a future elementary school teacher, I have always thought the task of teaching kids could be a rewarding and gratifying experience. However, I recently realized that in order to obtain these rewarding experiences the teacher and students must work hard and with determination. Learning to read can be a very daunting task for a youngster. Therefore, as a teacher, it is your job to facilitate positive reading strategies from the start. Looking back at my experiences as an early reader, I can gain some insight as to what might help or hinder my future students.
I believe that one of the most important things you can do for your child is
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I feel learning the phonics of letters through the rhythms of music truly helped me as I began to sit down with my first readers.
As I began applying what I was learning in the songs to some basic basal readers like Dick and Jane I was able to find patterns between the phonics in the songs and the words on the page. We had books that were themed each week with certain phonic sounds. The sound was then repeated throughout the book but in different words. We were able to take these books home and practice with our parents. I think that practice and repetition are key in continuing to recognize letters with their phonic sounds. I feel these books served the purpose of achieving good reading skills for me as a child, and continue to be helpful to children today as they learn to read.
There are two other techniques that my teacher used to help teach us how to read. One I consider to be a good strategy and the other I am not too fond of. The first approach was using a tape recorder and head sets. We would sit down with a book and follow along with our finger as a voice was reading the book to us in our ear. I think this particular approach works because it releases the anxiety and stress of having to pick apart the words on a page in order to learn them. By following along they are able to develop listening skills and hear the

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