Reflection on Teamwork in the Work Culture

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Teamwork is an important component of today’s work culture. Organizations use employees organized into cross functional groups to achieve large work efforts. It is inevitable, as students move from the classroom to the office, they will be asked to work and collaborate with others. With the prevalence of working in groups today, it is important to assess each experience; to reinforce positive experiences and identify lessons learned. In the following sections I will highlight my experiences working with my project team throughout the duration of the tech497 class, both negative and positive. In most organizations a project manager, whom identifies team members with the necessary skills to achieve the objectives required, selects the members of the project team. In tech497 we are asked at the very beginning of the class to assimilate into groups, define the project, and assign roles each team member will fulfill for remainder of the class. It is my opinion that we did not perform the necessary due diligence in selecting the members of our project team. Although the core of the project team were successful in working together, we placed an unnecessary burden on the team by allowing a team member to join who was not committed to the success of the group. If placed in a similar situation again, it would be my recommendation that a skills survey and a questionnaire containing availability and commitment assessment questions be utilized to determine if prospective members
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