Reflection on a Restaurant's Health Inspection

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Prerequisites include where appropriate: ◦. Cleaning and Sanitation General; Everything which come into contact with food, the environment in which food is (stored, handled, prepared, served and consumed), the whole internal and external environment shall be cleaned and where necessary sanitized regularly to prevent the possible contamination of food. Chemicals which are used shall be following the manufacturer’s instructions. (Yes) Separate cleaning equipment shall be provided for use in toilets, public areas and external areas. (Unsure) Where used cleaning cloths, pot scrubs etc. shall be cleaned and sanitised or they shall be disposed of after use in order to ensure that they are not a source of contamination. (Unsure) Storage and…show more content…
Drainage and the sewage system are good but some sink I do not know wither it needs to be fixed or it has been blocked by water sealing. Lighting is sufficient, and is covered in the preparation zone. General Ventilation Requirements More details would be in the standard document. ◦. Storage, Distribution and Transport All should be controlled to ensure that the food is not contaminated in any way. Transported and stored food shall be suitably maintained at the required temperatures. The refrigeration or heating equipment should be turned on prior to loading and inspected, and it should be allows air to circulate freely around the foodstuffs. (Not sure) Evidence should be available to demonstrate that foods are maintained at the correct temperatures during transport. (No evidence) All means of transport of foodstuffs shall be; clean, in good repair, suitable for the intended use, easy to clean and sanitise, and pest proof. Food shall be kept covered during distribution to reduce the risk of contamination. (yes) Cooked and/or ready-to-eat foods shall be adequately segregated from other foods during distribution. (Not accordance with) there were RTE sandwiches kept in the kitchen while they are preparing another. Yes, they were covered but it is also lead to another food safety issue which is caused by holding a cooked food in a room temperature for a period of time that obviously would be high in the

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