Reflection on the Hobbit .

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Journal Response– Activity #6 The final sense that I understood from the novel is that even if someone doesn’t seem like they are capable to complete something or act a certain way there is always hope or room for someone to grow. I say that this is a big part of the final part of the book is because Bilbo changes so much and grows so much as a hobbit then you would have expected him to. Another big thing that I took from the book is that if you were working together and not scared to ask for help from anyone you meet you will be able to reach the goal you were working towards or whatever you are trying to get to. If you are not afraid to ask for help the more likely you will complete whatever you are trying to. As it goes for…show more content…
That is good for Bilbo because in the beginning of the adventure he was quiet and had no idea with what to do about anything. “In all their talk they came perpetually back to one thing: where was Smaug? They looked West and there was nothing, and East there was nothing, and in the South there was no sign of the dragon,” I believe this was significant to the book in general because they were so interested in finding the dragon which no doubt is where they needed to end up to get the treasure but if the dragon was nowhere to be found you would think that they would know they are in the wrong place looking for the dragon. Although they figured that out and knew that I still believe it is significant because that was a big tip that the dragon had to be where they thought it was and it couldn’t be anywhere else. “There was once more a tremendous excitement and enthusiasm. But the grim-voiced fellow ran hotfoot to the Master. “The dragon is coming or I am a fool!” he cried. “Cut the bridges! To arms! To arms!”” This is a very important part to the novel because this is right before the dragon came to attack the town. They do not think that it would be the dragon in the beginning because they do not believe that they did anything wrong and as far as they know, they didn’t. When the dragon is going to attack the city is plays an important part in the entire novel because if the dragon didn’t go to the city and destroy it they wouldn’t have any need and demand
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