Reflections. How Did The Final Outcome Differ From The

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Reflections HOW DID THE FINAL OUTCOME DIFFER FROM THE INITIAL PLAN In our initial designs for the web application, we had planned for a number of features that are currently not present in our final outcome. This is mainly due to time constraints, as we ended up discarding some of them in favour of a cut-down implementation for similar effect. One of such features was a messaging system, whereby sellers and buyers would be able to communicate in real-time and decide on how the food preparations and delivery would be settled. However, in our current implementation, for similar effect, we have provided both parties with each other’s contact information and allowing them to go through with the exchange this way. After conducting a risk…show more content…
We had given them use cases to try out, including navigation of the landing page, signing up, logging in and searching. Of these participants, two were international students while the other three were local students. The results of the user evaluation can be seen in Figure 7.1 and 7.2. They can be summarised as follows: Good The web app 's landing page received the best reviews in the technical side of things as people praised its UI design and ease of navigation. They particularly liked the split screen design, stating that it made the concept of the web application more easily understood. The overall rating of the likeliness to continue using the application based on the landing page was solid 7 out of 10. Even more so than the landing page, the idea to sell and buy home-cooked food was extremely popular with all users stating that they looked forward to using the app and would definitely recommend it to their friends who enjoy cooking. They cited instances of people already selling their food on Instagram and WeChat and how the idea to create an application purely for this purpose was a good one. Neutral Although, the name 'illuminate ' was not too well received, with most test users citing it as a far-fetched name for an application dedicated to food. Nonetheless, one of the users stated that because it was such an unusual name for a food app, the name would
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