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Reflections on Sandbox Time Results As a part of the Professional Development training, we introduced tangible technologies to the teachers of a university funded preschool. We presented KIBO, Cubetto, Sphero and Puzzlet to the teachers. While KIBO and Cubetto are screen free tangible technologies, Sphero and Puzzlet are accompanied by an Ipad. After we introduced the tangible technologies, we asked eight teachers to ponder the ways of implementing these tangible technologies to their current projects or their classroom settings. The teachers wrote their ideas of utilizing those tangible technologies to post-its, which were then placed on poster paper and displayed. Each of the teachers was able to keep the focus of the activities on…show more content…
For instance, the teachers suggested that KIBO could be used to create a route to deliver mail. Similarly, Cubetto was suggested to use for creating a route for delivery and a map with pictures could be used and the students could have Cubetto deliver mail to each of the pictures. The participants additionally suggested to utilize Sphero as well as using the chariot as a way to transport items from place to place. Their ideas for Puzzlet are focused on an overview of geography - a way to practice following directions and physically acting the directions out. Like the utilization of the tangible technologies with the Mail and Post Office project, the teachers also pointed out that the tangible technologies could also be used to solve a labyrinth or a maze. Another part of Geography that was focused on was the ability Sphero and Cubetto have to move around. For both tangible technologies, exploration and underwater retrievals were mentioned as ways to use the tangible technologies to go where the students or people may be unable to physically go to themselves. These tangible technologies were also thought of as being able to assist in natural disaster rescues where both could navigate rubble in an area. Math The participants additionally considered utilizing the motion skill of the tangible technologies on the subject area Math. For instance,the teachers noted to utilize Sphero and Cubetto follow the outlines of a line, which might be curvy or straight, and
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