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For us as Christians to stay in accordance with God it is vital to stay educated on long as we continue to educated on theology ourselves. As long as we continue to educate ourselves and keep the scriptures hidden in our hearts, It will be less difficult to witness to non-believers and to loose focus. In addition to the benefit of not losing focus reading the bible can also let us be sure that Jesus in fact will return a second time. Although we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). This doesn’t give us an excuse to live our lives as christians anyway we wish. Once we have a strong foundation in Christ we can use our churches in many ways to help carry out the great commission. How can we be…show more content…
Then they will receive their crowns depending on the works that had been done on earth. So even though you may be sure that you believe in Christ as savior and that a spot is reserved for you, this doesn't mean that you don't have to be accountable for the life that you are living on earth. A christian may not be cast to the lake of fire, but he may be shorted on his rewards to be received upon arrival (Judgement, 3). It will be vital to stay in fellowship with god while anticipating the arrival of Jesus. We should also be increasing our relationship with God and seeking his face. once we are filled with the Holy Spirit we will unconsciously be preforming Gods will for us. In this state we can do what ever it is we want. meaning when we are walking with God and letting him direct our steps, we wont have to worry about if we are living correctly and in harmony as God expects. In addition to walking with the Lord we can then carry out his greatest commandment in the process. What can your local church do to better communicate God’s love to your community? Once we as Christians have a rock solid foundation we can come together as a church to go out and spread the good news. The age that we live in is full of skepticism and other religions claiming to be the truth, so it may be more difficult to witness to the lost. As a community church we can think of more creative ways to lead out communities to salvation. one thing that our

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