Reflections : Year Of Grind

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Reflections: Year of Grind Have you ever worked so hard for something your work had to honor you regardless the adversity? Well only 2% of all high school athletes receive an athletic scholarship and an even smaller percentage receive full ride scholarships. When I was 17 I had entered that small percentage of high school athletes that receive full rides. Because of my hard work and motivation to beat the odds set in front of me, not only did I reach my goals but I also broke the obstacles holding me back. Going into my junior Season I was on track to be the starting defensive tackle on my high school’s varsity football team. I missed the first day of practice due to some technical issues based around my physical. The next day when I…show more content…
He always replied with a smirk on his face “ We only play the best eleven”. In that moment I considered transferring schools and it was a big talk between my family and I for months and we even went through the process of switching schools but we ended up missing the deadline for me to switch and still be able to play football so that got put to bed and I stayed at East Grand Rapids High. In the summer going into my senior year my parents and I thought it would be the best thing for me if I made my own opportunities happen. We decided that attending and showing out at a surplus of camps and combines would benefit me greatly. Over the summer I probably went to 20 camps and combines and I did well at all of them for the most part. At a point I had Ferris, Siena heights, Saginaw and a few other schools talking to me but at one of the last camps I went which was the Michigan State football camp. That camp was my third longest commute I made that summer with Houston, Texas being the longest and Detroit being the second. All the top recruits for Michigan State were at this camp including the offensive lineman. There is this drill Called one on ones and that’s when a defensive lineman versus an offensive lineman in a pass rush situation. I beat everyone I came across and that spiked a few coaches interest. I had multiple coaches come up after
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