Reflections in Nursing

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A Reflection Paper on Various Nursing Roles

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A Reflection Paper on Various Nursing Roles
As an individual reaches the stage where they come to a decision about what they want to be in life, they must look deep inside themselves. They have to reflect on what is important to them and what makes them happy. In addition, one must take into consideration the resources that are available to help the person reach their goal. In this paper, I intend to share my reflections on why I chose to become a nurse as well as and why I decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. I will compare my initial perceptions on the different
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With ratios averaging at about one nurse to nine patients, one can see where difficulties may lie. Morse (2000) states that "comforting is an integral part of nursing" (p. 35). Nurses should deliver care to patients directly in response to their needs and use a variety of comforting strategies. As a nurse assesses and evaluates her/his actions, the patient is able to meet their comfort level and perceive the nurse's care as competent. My goal one year from now is to be able to look past the technical skills required by patients and be an expert at identifying and addressing patients who are in distress. I plan on obtaining this goal by practicing my assessment skills using Betty Neuman's theory. I plan on developing my therapeutic communication skills and learning about other cultures so that I can develop better rapport with my clients. As a five-year goal, I would like to be certified in end of life care, also known as palliative care. I feel that taking care of people who are dying and their families identifies the true essence of nursing. My leadership preceptor, Commander Aubin-Kelly, stated, "When medicine fails, that's when nursing shines in all its glory" (M. Aubin-Kelly, personal communication, April 2, 2002). My objectives for accomplishing this goal are to educate myself regarding palliative care

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