Reflections of Saussure's Theory of Linguistics

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Reflections of Saussure's Theory of Linguistics Ferdinand de Saussure is a linguist from the 19th century whose ideas, writing and influence are still felt today in many areas of the social sciences. He is most well known for his piece (published by his students) "Course in General Linguistics" published after his death in 1916. Saussure's theories were bold, innovative, and inspirational to many philosophers, linguistics, and thinkers around the world. This paper will briefly reflect upon some of the main points regarding Saussure's theory of linguistics. The first point of Saussure's the paper will reflect upon is the concept that language is relational. Language does not make sense nor are we able to render meaning from it without the context of other words. That idea seems so simple, yet this idea sent shockwaves into the academic and thinking communities. As I read over this supposition, the logic of his argument became readily apparent to me. His theory reminds me of the kind of learner I am. I cannot just learn facts in an isolated manner. I cannot memorize facts about mathematics, physics, Latin, anything without a context. When I have a context in which to understand how the facts fit and how they mean, then I remember the facts very easily. This is the same experience with language. We cannot understand language without the context of other words. Without other words, the words we use to express ourselves do not mean. For example, if this paper were to be

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