Reflections of the Philosophy of the History of Mankind Essay examples

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Reflections on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind

“Reflections on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind” was written by Johann Gottfried Herder. He starts of by stating the simple fact that no two things are alike. Whether he is talking about leaves off the same tree, or humans, everything is slightly different in appearance. Although items may closely resemble each other, they have characteristics that make them different in one way or another. Herder goes on to argue no person is the exact same internally and the number of differences is infinite. External differences seem to have more similarities when comparing to things, but even alone they are different. “Man is no independent substance,” argues Herder. Humans as a whole,
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Examples of this could be The Egyptians and their pyramids, or Chinese ornaments. To them, nothing is superior.
Every different place brings about new idea as they go off on their own. “But in one and the same nation every maximum of its commendable endeavors ought not and cannot endure forever; since it is but one point in the progress of time,” said Herder.
I believe this can strongly relate to the world today. Mainly because of the topic of differences and change in life, people can still relate. I do not believe this article was completely biased. Although he spoke his mind and wrote about what he believed in, he stated facts about the topic he was touching on. Herder wrote about what he agrees with in the world which does not make the article biased. I learned that in the end there really are no races. Races are just catagories people use to describe others that may be slightly different from them. I did not really learn knew things but this passage opened up my mind to realize how things can be so similar but different at the same time. Everyone was born pretty much the same way just with different traits. I agree with Herder when he goes on to talk about how life is just one big change. Seasons change, the time and date change. Everything around is just constantly moving and doing its
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