Reflections on Social Media

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A Reflection on Social Media
Social media, in recent years has provided people with fast, convenient ways to communicate with other people from around the world. People can use social media to do research, communicate with others or do their work online and these services are usually free. However many people believe that there certain downsides to these conveniences. Social media has suffered some bad publicity from things like identity thefts, false profiles, and online predators. Nonetheless, social media is still popular for its great conveniences and features. Specifically for creating a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere, helping people improve their social skills, providing interesting information for users to learn and expand
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This does not stop people from getting along relatively well.
Social media is not without its drawbacks. While they have become places for establishing connections and meeting friends, they have also become likely places for identity theft and fraud. As mentioned before, some social networking sites require users to create an online persona while providing some basic personal information. It isn’t very difficult for some villainous individuals to use that information to pose as someone else for malicious purposes. When I was in high school, a friend of mine named Alex had this happen to him. Someone had copied his personal information from Facebook, and created a fake profile. The person responsible even went as far as having the same pictures and same friends. Alex had a virtual doppelganger and he/she just wanted to ruin Alex’s good name. To most high schoolers, a good name is quite important. Unfortunately, we never did find out who was responsible. I myself have set my profile strictly so that only people I’ve accepted as friends can view my profile.
Another, more serious drawback, is that social media can amplify social tendencies. Someone who is jovial and outgoing in real life will probably greatly benefit by connecting with even more people. For someone who finds social situations difficult, social networking sites might not allow for the proper development of social skills. Interacting online keeps people from going out and talking to others in person.

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