Reflections on Society in Literary Works

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While some might believe that Marquez and Golding use the trapped characters’ actions to criticize society, it they are actually doing the opposite. All immoral behavior done by characters in these literary works are done in the absence of society, showing that the authors are actually portraying society as the stabilizing element of our morality, and the structure of our humanization. Without society, for characters like Maria, Jack, Roger and Ralph, the essence of humanity is lost and the line between man and beast blurred. In the beginning of both stories there is still a great presence of society. In Lord of the Flies, directly after the plane crash the boys set up a mini society on the island. The vote for a leader and choose Ralph, much like we do in society today. The text even states that “This toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch.” (Golding, 22) This of course shows how the boys crave and choose structure and civility over chaos and anarchy… at first. Voting is something that we do in a democratic society and the conch itself is a symbol of democracy and order. Both of these things please the boys, which demonstrate that the structure of society is keeping them human and civilized. In the beginning of I Only Came to Use the Phone the main character, Maria is torn away from society…

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