Reflections on a 12-Step Group Meeting Essays

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This essay is a reflection on my observation of how a group interacts with each other. The 12-step meeting I attended was Overeater’s Anonymous (OA). OA uses the same Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions as Alcoholics Anonymous, the words are changed from “alcoholic” to “compulsive overeater”. The meeting I went to had seven people in attendance even with this small of a group it was definitely a diverse group. All seven attendees were women whose ages ranged from a young college student to an elderly homemaker, there was a middle age professional (just left the office type), and a good old ranch gal boot wearing, hair in a braid ranch women. I was a bit nervous about being there but someone patted the seat next to herself and I…show more content…
I thought this was extremely tight control for a small group meeting. However, in looking at the individual roles I can see that this member may be the complainer of the group. She did not have any power in the group, and I was about to find out she did not conform to the groups expected behavior. At this point in the meeting two different group members read the teaching and then Mary, the leader asked if anyone would like to share an experience. Mary looked at the group complainer and said please confine your sharing to the disease of compulsive overeating, rather than the events of the day or week. If anyone is having difficulties please speak to your sponsor or other members after the meeting. How a member shares is one norm for this group, sharing is timed and sharing needs to reflect hope or how the member used the program to overcome a difficulty. In an effort to create an atmosphere of sharing there is absolutely no feedback, cross talk or advice given during share time; this group norm is called a conscious. Mary, the leader stated the chair for each meeting had the discretion to let another member know if she was off topic or was speaking to long. Our group complainer wanted to share first; I almost heard a cohesive group sigh. This member started her share time with what was foremost on her mind, changing the meeting time to 7:30! The young college girl asked if she could share at this point. As the young college girl began sharing
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