Reflections on a Graduate Program

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Reflections Upon a Graduate Program Upon completing a stage in life, such as the completion of a graduate program, it is productive to reflect upon that experience and ponder the motivation for that course of action, as well as ponder the utility of that experience. As my graduate program comes to a conclusion, now is the time for me to discuss the components of the program that have been of particular value to me, and why such program components have been of value. I appreciated learning about different teaching methodologies and perspectives regarding education. I found that learning about constructivism and objectivism quite valuable. I always knew that there were philosophical concepts that supported specific teaching methods, but I only had a superficial understanding of such ideas. Learning in greater detail about such topics helped me understand my own educational experience in a new dimension. It also helped me consider the value of a variety of perspectives to be used in the classroom. Good teaching for me includes of variety of methods that are known, used, and balanced as part of the teaching and learning experiences. I also found value in these topics because it helped me discern what kind of teaching practice I naturally gravitate towards, as well as help expose my weakness in teaching methodology. Overall, I think it helped me understand how to be a balanced teaching professional, and ways to achieve or strive for that balance. There was great value to
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