Essay on Reflections on a Tough Personal and Academic Year

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I have never traveled outside of the United States and I believe traveling abroad to England would be a great experience for me. I am a declared psychology major (I want to pursue a career in clinical psychology) and I believe I would get a lot out of this program. If I get accepted into this program I would have the chance to experience a different culture, while getting closer to achieving the requirements for my major. I would also have the opportunity to see how others behaviors differ from the behaviors we show here in the United States. Many of our ancestors emigrated from the United Kingdom to North America, so I would like to see how our behaviors, attitudes and emotions have changed over time after separating. Another reason that…show more content…
I have also learned that it is polite to stand on the right hand side of an escalator when on the tube so people can pass from the left side. I have also become aware that potato chips are "crisps". I will continue researching more information because I would not want to offend anyone. My greatest worry about studying in England is getting lost when I go out to explore. I hope to get rid of this worry by making sure I know how to read a map and understand how to use the transit system. I also hope to overcome this worry by making friends with other students who know their way around England. My greatest worry is meek compared to the skills I hope to acquire by studying in England. I believe I would develop intercultural competence and become tolerant to change and uncertainty. Developing the skill of intercultural competence would help me with my future career goals by becoming more empathetic towards other people's needs. With my career goal of becoming a clinical psychologist this is an important skill to have. We cannot assume everyone's needs are the same. Becoming tolerant to change and uncertainty would also influence my graduate school ambition because I would be in an entirely different environment than the one I am in now. If I acquire this skill set, I will have very few adjustment issues. It is an important skill to have in psychology where research is constantly changing and one must be
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