Reflections on the Family Nurse Practitioner Program

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Reflection Family Nurse Practitioner Program It is clear that Family Nursing Practitioner Program is increasingly becoming valuable for nurses competing for the best job positions. Pursuing a FNP program can open many doors to students in the field of nursing as well as nursing administrators. Additionally it can result into higher salaries throughout the entire career of an individual. Enrolling in a FNP program is a smart career move. However, many nursing students are faced with a challenge of choosing between entering directly into the FNP program and beginning a nursing practice after working for some time. This paper offers some valid options that favor both sides. Concerning any personal choice, an individual's final decision depends on what he or she thinks is best for him or her. Many nursing students prefer completing their B.S.N-RN programs and enrolling for FNP programs immediately. Some prefer becoming responsible for a home, job, or even a family after finishing their education. On the other hand, others prefer to start their nursing specialty career as soon as they can, rather than beginning with being employed as a general RN for some time. One benefit of nursing students who enter FNP programs sooner is that nursing students who graduate sooner have already acquired the habit of creating time for studying, taking exams and attending classes. Once a nursing student stays out of class for some time, it can be difficult for the student to develop such
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