Reflections on the Mozart Effect

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Reflections Upon the "Mozart Effect" Based on my experiences and outside knowledge regarding music and wellness, I would have to agree with the presences and the results of the Mozart Effect. Years ago, I went to a lecture called Music & Wellness and since then have come across several, well researched documentaries with high production value describing the connections between music and human development. There is now definitive evidence that music affects the brain and the development in numerous, mostly healthy and helpful ways. While the Mozart Effect seems to centralized in affecting functioning and intelligence, the music quite likely also affects mood and brain chemistry. Professionals in a variety of fields including in areas of music, biological science, neuroscience, musicology, and other areas where science, health, and music overlap, have discovered how music assists in the production of specific endorphins and other assorted neurochemicals that are helpful and healthy for human intelligence, human mental health, and human physical health. Therefore, there is little doubt in my mind that the Mozart Effect is real and that the results produced are substantial. The successful composition and performance of music involves numerous aspects and use of both hemispheres of the brain. Why should the enjoyment, appreciation, or listening of music not produce similar effects throughout the entire brain as well? That is to say that music in general is an activity,
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