Reflective Account Essay

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Reflective Account Moving & handling One day I was ask to transfer Mrs X from bed into wheelchair. Mrs X is paralised so to transfer her a full body hoist is needed. I had to call for help, it wouldn’t be safe to do this by myself. So while I was waiting for the other carer to arrive I have explained to Mrs X what and how we are going to do it. I have also cheked the hoist and battery if its fully charged and operational. I put right size sling on Mrs X with her cooperation. I carefully manovered hoist close to bed, then I hooked sling onto the hoist with short hooks on to of the body and long hooks on bottom. That was when my collegue arrived to help me with transfer.We asked Mrs X if she is ready when she said yes by pushing…show more content…
Mrs X is able to walk and she like to be washed while siting on the commode. When everything is ready I start wash Mrs X. She is able to wash her face, hand and front of body. I give her flanel and she wash her face, then dry. She does not use soap to wash her face. Next I put soap into the water and give the bowl on her lap so she can wash her hand, than I give her a towel to dry. I help Mrs X take her nightdress and slippers off. I use the towel to cover her lower part of body. Mrs X can manage with washing her front, arms and under arms, but if she need a hand I offer her my help. Sometimes she needs help with drying. Mrs X need assistance with washing the rest part of the body. I cover her upper part by towel now and wash her legs, then feet. Mrs X has very dry skin so I put a special cream on her legs. Then I wash her back, dry and put some powder. I put some powder on her front and under the breast as well. Before I do this I cover her lower part of body again. Next I put balsam on her hand and arms, and some deodorant under arms. To wash Mrs X’s bottom I ask her to stand up. I wear her socks and slippers first. When she stand up, I make sure that she is in safe position, then wash her and dry. Next I ask her to sit down and I start dress Mrs X up. I give her bra first, she is able to wear it by herself, but she need hand with fasten on the back. Then she wears her blouse with my assistance. I let her do the buttons but sometimes she has a difficulties with

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