Reflective Account On Personal Learning Goals

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1. Personal learning goals & strategies to achieve these goals.
My aim for today was to make more time for one on one sessions with the residents. This actually ended up working quite well as 5 of the 12 residents in cottage #3 went out for a bus outing from 0930-1100. I came back from my first break and was entirely done all the AM care, including that morning's shower, so I was able to take an hour to file and paint the nails of two residents.
2. Self Care Practices.
This evening I made time to update my car iPod with new songs to listen to while driving. I made this a priority because good music can make the difference between a good and a bad day. Music is often linked to mood. A certain song can make us feel happy, sad, energetic, or
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An HCA's who has a regular line in the cottage noticed this and passed the information on to the OT/PT at Heron grove. Specialized pillows were brought in today to hopefully reduce the pressure and minimize skin breakdown. It's important to keep in mind what a vital role HCAs play in the lives of these residents. By assessing that resident's skin and passing the observation on in a speedy manner, that HCA possibly prevented numerous pressure sores and pain for that resident!
5. Reflection on feedback received from others and how this feedback was utilized.
The HCAs I have been working with these past two weeks were encouraging me to hand my resume in at Heron Grove. I told them if it weren't for the fact that I was moving, I definitely would. However I will be looking for work in Kamloops. They were really helpful and shared with me their various stories and bits of advice that they've gleamed over their years as HCAs and in relation to the different kinds of facilities and companies they have been employed under. While I took all of their imparted wisdom with a grain of salt, I found it valuable in that I feel better equip for when I ultimately go in search of a job.
6. Self-reflection of how my verbal and nonverbal behaviour affected the client and
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For example, nonverbal indications can be used to backup, enrich, substitute, and even contradict what you are saying through your verbals. Nonverbal cues can place the verbal message in a framework that provides a support for how the message should be understood. When you are working with someone who has complete or partial deafness, enunciating your verbals and coupling them with hand or body gestures to convey a message can be beneficial, when done correctly. As an illustration, if you are trying to communicate to a person that you are about to wash their face, you could get down to their level, speak the words, and additionally use a hand with a cloth in it to hover to over your face in washing motions. This strategy could be applied to a countless number of situations to enhance communication between you and a
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