Reflective Action Plan Essay examples

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Action Plan

Proposed targets for selfdevelopment with justification of how they might be achieved


Action Plan: proposed targets for self-development with justification of how they might be achieved.

One of the most difficult obstacles in achieving personal self-development is the lack of a good action plan. It is not a difficult task, but requires learning to be efficiently executed. The result should be an effective practise to reach my goal. This is done by the inclusion of an Action Plan, which will assist in reaching my goal and narrow my focus and drive to achieve that goal. To enable me to create an Action Plan, I first need to list particulars of thing needed to do to accomplish my goal. This is done by
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I now know that my weaknesses particularly lack of confidence is through lack of knowledge in a specific area and can be boosted by improving my self management and allocating dedicated periods of time to a specific topic. This in itself will help me overcome the majority of my weaknesses and boost my confidence, in turn this will have a knock on effect in improving my assertiveness and concentration and avoid selling myself short. As stated by Chuck Gallozi Internet article 08.12.09 “Many are painfully aware of weaknesses that hold them back. Yet, surprisingly, they are unaware of their many strengths. Focusing on our weaknesses while ignoring our strengths can be a source of discouragement and failure. And glorifying our strengths while ignoring our weaknesses can be equally unproductive. It is only when we give equal weight to our strong points and faults that we can realise our potential. Also note that we must choose our friends carefully because each relationship nurtures our strengths and weaknesses. That is, we will grow better or worse, depending on whom we spend our time with. “ Choosing associates at University is not an option ,but I

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