Reflective Analyses of Ethical Principles and Applications Essay

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Reflection The intended learning outcome for the CONR 638: Ethics and Conflict Resolution Course offered at Abilene Christine University, (ACU) according to the course syllabus, was to prepare students “to reach a higher critical and reflective consciousness of the relationship of ethics to decision-making and problem solving in conflict resolution” (ACU, 2010). By learning to think on a higher plain, students are placed in a position to better adapt to different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) situations. Learning to think on a higher conscious level also affords the student the ability to apply different ethical theories to practice. While demonstrating how these ethical theories could be applied to different scenarios, I was…show more content…
“What ethical contributions can I bring to the continuum?” Next, because of Assignment 7: Ethical Egoism and Ethical Kenosis, my thoughts were driven to a higher level because I was challenged to “suggest a reasonable model for ethical decision-making” (Cope, 2007). Through this assignment, I found myself on the creative side of a concept that could be used not only for the purposes of ADR but as a model of thinking that would help individuals in life in general. The concept of Christians doing as Christ would by use of prayer and meditation is one that can be adapted to both professional and personal morals. Doing as Christ would do is a philosophical idea that would render useful to any situation whether professional or personal. Then Assignments 9, 12 & 15: Case Analyses challenged my level of thinking by introducing scenario’s by which I was to apply different ways of thinking in order to reach a conclusion. By learning to address issues from different perspectives and with different purposes, I was able to apprehend the thought and reason behind how various types of disputes can be resolved through implementation of different ethical theories and ideas. By working through these scenarios and applying different ethical practices to each one, the fact became apparent that there are multitudes of ways a dispute can be approached. These assignments also reinforced lesson that not all situations or
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