Reflective Argument Paper

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The four distinct learning objectives are as follows: First, students are required to be able to adopt a rhetorical perspective in order to identify, analyze, and describe the various aspects within one’s own discourse community. How I will show this objective is by citing earlier identifications of genre, conventions, and occasions for writing made in my assignment two. Second, students must produce writing that draws considerably on concepts from primary or secondary sources. For this objective I cited my assignment two which includes primary source material and argues a rationalization for change within a journal. Thirdly, students should show a flexible writing process that adapts to the different writing situations and tasks. I cite again assignment two, where I examined an article to argue a change over time. Lastly, the student’s writing shows reflective properties to makes choices and changes in their writing as well as how they might use those same properties to approach a completely new writing task. For how I achieved this objective I reference the group work I did which began with an interdisciplinary concept, then Shown within this reflective argument is my method for reaching the four learning objectives of Wayne State’s English 3010 classes. I have incorporated assignment one, two, and some responses to support my claimed ability. Learning objective one requires students to accurately identify, describe, and analyze common rhetorical moves used by our
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