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Reflective Report
Doing the modules in this course has given me an entirely new perspective on written university work. There are all sorts of strategies that can be employed to help with the improvement of the marks a student can get for each assignment and examination. Before studying about the different elements that must come together for a written university document to be deemed standard and good, there were so many points where I did not fully apply myself. Lack of knowledge is the main thing to blame for this dismal state that I was in. Previously my attitude towards essays and assignments was very relaxed and I approached my written work in quite a hap hazard manner. My work had very little structure, and my grades were not what they could be because of it. Topics like critical thinking and writing at university have opened my eyes to the writing possibilities that are available to me. In the past, I had no real concept of the benefits of planning my written work. Proof reading was never really at the top of my list of priorities. Allowing myself to take the time to review my work for errors seemed like a monumental waste of time. Learning how to find relevant literature, and making the proper citations were unknown concepts which led to a lot of time being wasted on unrelated material. I had a very limited perspective of learning skills and must admit to plagiarism every once in a while due to a lack of understanding.
Critical thinking is a skill that is essential
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