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Reflective assignment

This essay is a reflective account on my experience within the introductory period of my practice when caring for a patient. The essay will give the definition of reflection. This reflective essay will help me demonstrate how my experience in practice has helped me achieve one of the learning outcomes in my learning plan, (appendix 1). Driscoll (2000) will be used as a reflective model. The essay will explore what (description of events) so what (analysis) and now what (action plan). This essay is going to reflect on the importance of good communication with patients.

Names in this essay have been changed, to respect the confidentiality of the patient and other healthcare professionals (NMC 2008). Reflection
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Looking back at the way I had communicated with Joe and realized that might have contributed to the way he reacted. According to Sheldon (2004) ‘communication in nursing is a sharing of health-related information between a patient and a nurse, with both participants as sources and receivers’. Sully and Dallas (2010) also points out that communication is not just one way, it is a two way process. I realised that my communication with Joe was just one way. He was saying something to me, instead of listening I was telling him something and vice versa. No one was receiving information we were both encoding words that were not being decoded by any one. Sully and Dallas (2010) highlight how communication has need for a sender, a messenger, a receiver and a channel.
When Joe asked Sarah, who I was, I realised that I had not introduced myself to him; this could be one of the reasons why he did not want to cooperate. Delvaux et al. 2004 states that to promote patient satisfaction ensure that the patient understands who you are and your specific role. Also Joe might have not understood me because when l said I wanted to check his physical observations he looked puzzled, he might not have known what an admission is nor what physical are. It was important for me to establish mutual understanding; this would have improved the outcome and help reduce his stress, (Fellowes et al 2004)
From this experience l learnt that listening is an important
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