Reflective Assignment : ' Perfume '

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Reflective Assignment: Perfume Sao Xiong Written Assignment English Literature HL Session: May 2015 Word Count: 338 The setting in which Suskind lived affected his writing because he was writing this story during the cold war so this helped me understand the Story “Perfume” better because, now I understand why Grenouille was born in the place he was born and why he was trying to make other humans love him. During the cold war people were only focused on themselves and their families, everyone was in a struggle and Suskind knew this, so he writes a book about someone who is going through what Suskind is experiencing. Also I learned that Grenouille is human because he also just wants to feel the love that other people give each other. He can only do so much to make someone love him but he was not able to achieve his goal so he decides to End his life. This does make Grenouille a psychopath because he did kill people to try to make others love him. This was a great way to show that Grenouille was a psychopath Due to that fact that love blinded Grenouille from what love really was and he did not understand the full meaning of being loved by people. His meaning of being loved is people talking to him and to show him attention when in reality love is defined by the worth of someone. Grenouille knew he was not worth anything so he tried to make himself worth something and tried to create a human. Just because he did not have a scent he thinks that if he creates the

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