Reflective Clinical Portfolio At Metrohealth's Critical Care Step Down Unit

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Reflective Clinical Portfolio Over the last year I have been a nurse intern at MetroHealth on the Medical Intensive Care Unit; I started with them in the old unit and have transitioned with them to the new unit in the Critical Care Pavilion (CCP). The old unit has thirteen rooms and was in the shape of a circle with a central nursing station so you could have visibility to all patient rooms. The new unit, which has a total of forty-eight rooms, half for the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) and half for Critical Care Step-down; consists of long spread out halls with no central nursing station. For my Collaborative clinical I am working on the Step-down side of the new CCP; I have the unique experience of seeing and working with two nursing units that once were separated by five floor and are now sharing one floor and ancillary staff. This paper will address the barriers of transitioning to an isolated nursing unit and my clinical experiences at MetroHealth’s Critical Care Step Down unit. The four topics that will bed discussed include working climates, nursing care delivery model, staffing, and leadership style. Working Climates MetroHealth is known as the Cleveland’s non-profit community hospital; they are a Level I trauma center and recognized for being the Cleveland’s community safety-net hospital. The individuals who work there are the building blocks to what makes this hospital so great. I have been fortunate enough to work there and learn from the amazing nurses

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