Reflective Commentary On Use Of Gibbs Reflective Cycle

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This reflective commentary is based on a recent taped interview I carried out with another student as part of my practising social work skills and knowledge module. For this commentary I have chosen to use Gibbs reflective cycle (1988) which involves six stages; description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. The Gibb’s reflective cycle allows me to look at the tape and reflect on all aspects of what I did well or not as well and reflect on what I would do differently next time using the six stages. The first stage of Gibbs reflective cycle is to give a description of what happened which will now be discussed. My preparation for my taped interview began with my class on a Tuesday afternoon for five weeks. This…show more content…
After nine minutes the timer went off and I allowed the student to finish what she was saying, I thanked her for her time and summarised our discussion based on what was said during the interview. Before ending the interview I informed the student she could talk to me again if required. The second stage of Gibb’s model is feelings which I will now reflect on. When I was aware the interview would be filmed I instantly felt nervous and anxious as I do not like getting my picture taken or seeing myself on film. I found it much easier to be observed by someone and receive the face to face feedback during the preparation class. Although I have experience of interviewing within my previous employment and having to ask for further detail on what can be difficult subjects for individuals, I feel this experience did not help to ease my anxiety over being taped or knowing I would need to watch it afterwards and the lecturer would be watching it. Although I found it difficult at first not to problem solve during the preparation classes as this is what I was taught to do in my employment experience, once I managed this skill I realised how important it was and by using the skills learnt in class learnt I could assist the individual to problem solve for themselves. At the start of the taped interview I found it difficult to relax, I was unsure of how to position my legs and hands as I was aware of using open

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