Reflective Conflict

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Conflicts are present in our everyday lives, some big and some small. The degree to which they impact our relationships largely depends on who is involved and what each party’s expectations are. Conflicts can either go onto a constructive or destructive path depending on how the parties involved handle the given situation or problem. I am currently experiencing a destructive conflict with two of my roommates and that is what I will be focusing on for this critical analysis paper. Folger, Poole, and Stutman (2013), define conflict as, “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatibility and the possibility of inference from others as a result of this incompatibility” (p. 4). Using this definition, I will break down my current conflict in order to describe and analyze it using a variety of concepts and theories. I live in a suite on campus with four other people which consists of myself, my friend whom I have known since freshman year, her boyfriend, and two other girls who we did not know prior to moving in. Within a few weeks of being here, my friend blew something very minor that happened with one of the other girls out of proportion. Threatening text messages were sent which led to loud, in-person arguments. These instances led to a meeting with our RA, and later, a meeting with the Hall Director and the RA because things escalated and got out of hand. More problems have arisen, but this time between my friend, her boyfriend, and myself. A few
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