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Reflective cover letter, In order to find sources for my paper, I used several websites and two books. I also used a scholarly journal I found through Library databases. I actually gathered a lot of research on the topics of rhetoric and political campaigns, but the sources I used were ones that were related to my thesis. Which was, “Through news, social media and TV current politicians such as Donald Trump use their rhetorical tools to influence a much larger portion of the population’s way of thinking in the political sphere.” Sources that supported this thesis were ones related to news and politics, social media, and television. As well I used Donald Trump, as my example throughout this paper because of his current popularity and his interesting rhetorical uses. I disagreed a lot of biased information from a source that I later…show more content…
Look at what happened in Paris. I mean these people; they did not come from Sweden. Okay? Look at what happened last week in California with, you know fourteen people dead. Other people going to die they are so badly injured. We have a real problem.” This part of Trumps response attempts to make people expect immigrants coming into America are looking to do harm and he supports this statement with the shared experience of the tragic attacks on Paris in November of 2015. Trump's political successes are in a large part due to what James author of Situating Speech: A Rhetorical Approach to Political strategy “The effectiveness of strategy will partly depend on how a speaker utilizes the prevailing conditions of any speech event (audiences, situations of the time).” In other words, the effectiveness of a rhetorical strategy depends on how the speaker utilizes the times of the day. Which, in modern times requires the persuader to utilize multiple mediums to reach the public. Furthermore the persuader must be able to deal with the constant news
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