Reflective Diary

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Situation The experience happened during our second meeting for Operations Management class when we were asked to analyse a case study in groups then present an output. I joined a group of managers who have very strong personalities and the discussion became highly technical. Confronted with this unfamiliar situation, I kept quiet and observed. I listened to everyone’s points but said nothing significant until the discussion ended. I also did not sound confident when I gave my short comments. I felt indifferent and I found it difficult to throw myself “out there”. When I noticed that I still could not get the topic despite listening, I panicked and lost focus. I was struggling for words, stuck in constructing the “right” questions…show more content…
Perhaps they were also adjusting with having me in the group, wondering how to bridge the gap given my relatively different background. I should cease limiting my self-view and start progress from being a ‘highly capable individual (who) makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, skill and good work habits’ to an ‘effective leader’ who is a catalyst of commitment, vigour and high performance standards. (Jim Collins in Pedler, Burgoyne & Boydell 2006) Action Plan I fail to break my default routine not because I forget about it but because I feel that it is the easiest thing to do. Therefore, I commit to come out of my comfort zone, explore areas of uncertainties and develop flexibility. I will give more confidence in my ideas and perform at my best by believing that I have much to share. Hopefully, this positive energy will be conveyed to others and will give me more opportunities to earn their trust and confidence. Then they will allow themselves to be influenced and leadership sets in. Overall Learning This experience most importantly reminded me of confidence as an essential characteristic of a strong leader. I should handle risks with high spirits and understand that these uncertainties are part of the whole challenge. They are exactly the things that make success sweet and the experiences worthwhile. Reference List Charan, R, Drotter, S & Noel, J 2001, The Leadership Pipeline: How to
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