Reflective Essay: A Career In Wisconsin Agriculture

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Two hours in a barn with a preserved cow stomach was all it took for me to decide exactly what I wanted to do with my career. I was working in the House of Moo at the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair with a program called the Green County Dairy Queens. We were each assigned to one station; however, no one wanted to claim the giant stomach. I reluctantly volunteered not knowing much and not knowing the impact it would have. For the next two hours, I watched hundreds of fairgoers walk through the House of Moo and exclaim with their eyes large, “What is this?!” I began speaking about how the stomach of a cow works, why Wisconsin agriculture is important, and why agriculture is vital to our society. By the end, my mouth hurt from smiling and I had lost my voice, but I knew I had shared a positive agricultural message. From this experience, it only seemed natural for me to come to UW-Madison and study Life Sciences Communications where I hope to one-day work for a non-profit agriculture group promoting agriculture throughout the community…show more content…
By creating a blend between these three words, I hope to educate the public on the benefits of agriculture in order to bridge the gap that many consumers and farmers face today by advocating and promoting. As the population continues to grow, the disconnect between farmers and consumers continues to rise and I hope to be able to bridge this gap with my knowledge of communications and my agricultural background. I hope to carry the Wisconsin Idea of influencing people’s lives beyond the classroom with my passion for advocating agriculture. Although I know I will not be able to reach every person, I hope that the ones that I do reach realize the importance of agriculture especially in Wisconsin and the discoveries that universities such as UW-Madison have made and will continue to make in agriculture for our growing global
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