Reflective Essay: A Look Into The Writing Process

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Writing is something I always thought I had loved to do, and while that is still true, college has taught me that there are many different types of writing and I do not necessarily enjoy all of them. In high school, it was simple; You’d be told to write about a book you were reading in class or you’d be told to write about your summer trip to the Bahamas. Writing about your own experience or giving your opinion on a book is something that doesn’t take much thought, because you, for the most part, know what you want to say. Writing 101 along with other college classes, such as History, have shown me that there are so many different types of papers, such as research, argument, narrative, etc., and they each have necessary planning that goes into…show more content…
A well done paper that properly states a clear thesis, purpose for writing it, and the correct evidence or support it needs, has to go through a process before the final copy is written. Brainstorming is the most important thing, in my opinion, when it comes to successfully writing an essay. When writing my literacy narrative, I should have thought of ideas of what to say, more than one back ground experiences to use as evidence, and made a chart of some kind to help me better see the ideas I had and where I could go from there with them instead of just typing the first thing that came into my head. Another thing I left out doing when writing my paper was creating a rough draft. There is no such thing as a perfect writer or a perfect paper; there is always room for improvement. I should have written a first copy, revised it myself, allowed a few other people read it and give their feedback on what I could do to improve it, and then proceeded to write a final…show more content…
I didn’t want to take the time to properly plan for my paper, and my average grade of a B showed that, knowing I could have made an A if I had spent the time and known how to go through the writing process. I also struggle with staying on topic and getting my point across that I state in my thesis. Maybe its my ADD or the fact that I don’t know how to say what I’m wanting to say. I have plenty of creative ideas about topics I am given and I always have an opinionated response, as everyone knows, but I will sit for hours knowing what I want to get across, but not knowing how to put it into words. Though I still have my problems with this, I have to admit that brainstorming and discussing my ideas with my family and peers before I begin writing has helped me tremendously with that. I also am not confident in my skills of creating an effective topic sentence or thesis statement that presents my topic and my relation or view on it. In my literacy narrative, my thesis statement was “From the time I was taught how to write as a child, it had always been something I loved to do.” I know what you’re thinking- It’s weak and doesn’t give any insight on what my essay is about. I’m, in fact, not a weak writer, and my paper was actually interesting and informative once the reader gets passed the first few sentences. I had a clear topic and reasoning for writing the paper, as you could tell once you began to read; that wasn’t the
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